Currently, I am working and living in Bratislava, Slovakia.

In my paintings I employ basic geometric shapes and opulent colors to create imaginative theoretical spaces. I see the paintings as a projection of an imaginary microcosm, as a parallel universe operating with its own set of rules.

Believing in the dignity of the decorative, I balance the emotionality of oversaturated colors with the simplicity of basic geometrical shapes. The inner structure of my paintings is closely linked to the structure of music, or on a deeper level, to natural structures in general.  Although I use a mostly geometric visual language, I don't construct my paintings- the process is much more organic- I like to say I ‘grow' them. The process within individual images is the coincidental meeting between thought and action, the natural and artificial, and logic and its distortions.

 Interested in color theory, synaesthesia and color psychology, I want to offer a possibility of meditative or even a transcendent experience while looking at the vibrant colors. I aim to entice my viewers to expand their visual sensibility.


In my final year of studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, I focused on the relationship between painting and space. The aim of the thesis titled ‘Painting Spaces’ was to critically review my previous work in the broader context of both contemporary painting and art in general, but also in the context of today's ''extreme'' visual culture. The concept of the work lied in the heterogeneity of approaches to solving the painterly problems. Organically linked images within the set became a flexible-installable painterly environment. Formally, this thesis was a set of almost 80 acrylic paintings on canvas. The series included circular canvases with diameters ranging from 20 cm to 200 cm. It also served as the basis for further direction in my work. On a larger scale it examined the possibilities of painting, such a traditional medium with special qualities, in our ''post-medial'' world.